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Breach of Contract Almost Ruins Wedding Day

Breach of Contract Almost Ruins Wedding Day

You might think that breaches of contracts only affect businesses, but they can also affect individuals. A contract is an agreement between two or more parties for the doing of something specified. Contracts are agreements enforceable by law, so if you have run into a problem with a contract, contact a lawyer to learn how your rights can be defended.

Painter & Westfall recently represented a couple whose wedding day was ruined due to a facility double-booking their banquet hall.  The couple had signed a lease agreement and put in a deposit a year before their wedding to reserve the facility to use for their wedding reception.  Despite visiting the facility and speaking with the facility manager multiple times throughout the year leading up to the wedding date, no indication was made to the bride or groom that the reception hall had already been reserved by another party for that same date. 

Unfortunately, less than a week before the wedding, the facility manager admitted to the bride that there was another contract on the reception hall and ultimately it was decided that the other contract had been submitted prior to the bride and groom’s contract.  The couple then had to rush to find another acceptable facility to use for their wedding reception.  

As you might imagine, this was a very stressful event. The couple incurred additional costs in transferring the venue of their wedding reception to a new location. The couple paid for these costs out of funds designated for their honeymoon, so they were unable to fully enjoy their honeymoon as a result. 

Painter & Westfall sued the reception hall and facility manager for breach of contract.  The couple was awarded a five-figure settlement in response to the pain and distress that the last minute change of venue caused in what should have been a very special day for them. 

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