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Civil Lawsuits Allow Domestic Violence Victims to Fight Back

Many victims of domestic violence are not aware that they can sue their attacker. At Painter & Westfall we are familiar with these types of claims and have helped a few victims with pursuing their rights.  The Columbus Dispatch recently brought this topic into the forefront in central Ohio with the article, Civil Lawsuit Lets Domestic-Violence Victim Fight Back published on February 9, 2015. 

Often, victims of domestic violence have been robbed of their sense of control and of their emotional outlet. Suing the abuser can give them a sense of control and can provide a sense of emotional relief. The types of damages possibly available to domestic violence victims include:

Lost wages

Medical expenses

Pain and suffering

Punitive damages

If you think you have grounds for litigation, consult a lawyer right away as the statute of limitations on when you can file a case for assault or battery is only one year.  An experienced attorney will be able to tell you if you have a good case and what your rights and options are for filing a claim. 

If you have a question about pursuing a claim against an attacker, filing for divorce or getting a Civil Protection Order, please contact one of our experienced lawyers at Painter & Westfall at 614-319-3306.  To learn more about Civil Protection Orders click here.

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