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Personal Injury Suit Pays Medical Bills and Lost Wages

Personal Injury Suit Pays Medical Bills and Lost Wages

An automobile accident can turn your life upside down. Your injuries could affect your ability to do your job as well as cost you thousands in medical bills.  You have the right to seek compensation for the serious losses you have experienced through a personal injury case that holds at-fault parties responsible for their actions.

Painter and Westfall represented a garbage truck driver who was injured while doing his job. The plaintiff, M. Kent*, (names changed to protect identities) lawfully stopped the garbage truck he was working on, exited the vehicle and attempted to cross the road.  At the same time, defendant, G. Smith*, negligently and recklessly crossed a double-yellow line while attempting to pass Kent’s stopped truck.  Kent was unable to avoid being struck and was injured as a result. Smith was cited by the police for his driving misconduct. 

Kent suffered from his numerous injuries as well as lost income from work and high medical bills.  Painter and Westfall was able to file a personal injury suit and Kent was ultimately awarded a six-figure settlement from the accident to cover his medical bills, pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, contact Painter & Westfall today to learn how we can help you recover lost wages as well as help pay for medical expenses.


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