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Civil Protection Orders

Civil Protection Orders (CPO)

Civil Protection Orders can be complicated, so having a lawyer to lead you through the process is imperative.  In simple terms, a civil protection order or CPO is granted by a judge and orders the respondent to stay away from you. This respondent may not enter your home, approach you in public or at work and if they violate the terms of the CPO then they will be arrested. 

The CPO (Civil Protection Order) may include the following orders:

Direct the abuser to stop the abuse

Grant possession of the residence or household to you and/or other family member, to the exclusion of the abuser; evict the abuser; or order the abuser to vacate the premises, or (if the abuser has the duty to support you) order the abuser to provide suitable, alternative housing;

Award temporary custody and establish temporary custody orders with regard to minor children (if no other court has determined custody and visitation rights);

Require the abuser to maintain support if the abuser customarily provides for or contributes to the support of the family or household, or if the abuser has a duty to support under the law;

Require counseling for either or both parties;

Require the abuser to refrain from entering the residence, school, business, or place of employment of the victim or other family members;

Grant any other relief that the court considers fair, including, but not limited to, ordering the abuser to permit the use of a motor vehicle to the victim, and ordering a fair apportionment of household and family personal property.

Along with contacting a lawyer if you are in need of a CPO, please also contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE or


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