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Are You Prepared with a Health Care Power of Attorney?

The Ohio Health Care Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to grant an agent (most often a family member or a close friend) full power and authority to make healthcare decisions for you in the event you become incapable of giving informed consent yourself.  Your agent is required to make decisions that are consistent with your wishes. However, there are five limitations to the decisions your agent can make.  Your agent cannot:


  1. Withdrawal treatment that you previously consented to unless your condition has changed;

  2. Withdrawal treatment intended to provide you with comfort care or to relieve pain;

  3. Withdrawal life-sustaining treatment unless two physicians confirm that you are in a terminal condition or permanently unconscious, and there is no reasonable possibility that you will regain the ability to make decisions;

  4. Withdrawal artificial or technological nutrition or hydration unless you are terminally ill or permanently unconscious and two physicians agreed that nutrition and/or hydration will no longer provide comfort or the relief of pain; and

  5. Withdrawal or refuse informed consent to health care if you are pregnant, if the withdrawal or refusal would end your pregnancy, unless the pregnancy or health care would create a substantial risk to your life or two physicians determine that the fetus would not be born alive.  

At Painter & Associates, we can answer your questions, address your concerns, and work with you to complete a Health Care Power of Attorney document that meets your needs.  


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