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National Farm Safety and Health Week Carries Important Message

This year National Farm Safety and Health Week is September 16th through the 22nd.  The purpose of this week is to recognize the hard work, diligence, and sacrifices made by farmers and ranchers ( 

Every day Ohio's farmers and ranchers put their lives at risk when working with large equipment and various livestock.  In fact, statistics from The Ohio State University Extension Agricultural Safety and Health Program show there have been 128 fatalities of Ohio farmers between 2007 and 2016, and 56% of those fatalities were the result of tractor, equipment, machinery, wagon, and livestock incidents (  These statistics do not include farmers that have been temporarily or permanently disabled as a result of a farm related accident.  

Tragedy does not discriminate.  The Ohio State University State Safety Team offers research-based safety education programs, demonstrations, and publications to educate those in the industry about injury prevention and life-saving information.  While education should be the first step to prevention, it should not be the last.

What happens to your operation if you are seriously or fatally injured?  Do you have a succession plan in place?

Contact Painter & Associates to help you navigate the estate planning process and build a succession plan that fits your needs.  


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