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Dental Malpractice Claim Pays for Medical Bills


Recently, Nathan D. Painter successfully represented a client in a dental malpractice matter. The client went in for a routine crown replacement and during the preparatory work a drill burr fell off and went down the client's throat.  The client was immediately transported to the hospital and underwent a procedure three days later to have the 1 inch drill burr removed from the large intestine.  

Painter & Associates was able to demonstrate that the dentist failed to take necessary steps to prevent the drill burr from falling into the client's throat during the procedure.  As a result, Painter & Associates, was able to recover funds to pay all of the client's medical bills as well as provide the client with a high five-figure award for pain & suffering.  This recovery was made in light of the fact that the dentist failed to have medical malpractice insurance in place and had to come out of the dentist's own pocket to pay damages. 

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury, contact Painter & Associates to represent your best interest, especially before signing anything with the at-fault party or an insurance company. 


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