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IEP & Special Education

Our firm has had provided legal advice and representation to clients throughout Ohio on some of the most complex educational legal matters facing parents, educators, and school administrators. Much of Painter & Associates’ experience is in handling educational issues related to special education, sexual abuse and harassment, bullying and first amendment speech. Our exposure to these and related issues has resulted in a depth and breadth of understanding about education in the state of Ohio that gives clients great confidence that their cases will be handled appropriately in or out of court.

We have experience in representing parents in IEPs (Individualized Education Program) and helping them get the best outcome for the student. In developing, enforcing and modifying an IEP, teachers and parents are sometimes at odds. Dispute resolution is an option, including mediation and a due process hearing if you disagree with any aspect of the IEP. You also have a right to an appeal hearing if you are still not satisfied with the outcome.

Education law is complex and ever-changing. Many times, it is also emotional because at the centerpiece of these cases is a child. We recognize that all educational legal disputes have multiple perspectives, and offer the ability to recognize and evaluate each situation on an individual basis. Schools are in the business of educating children first and foremost. Our overarching approach to all legal disputes in the educational field is to remain committed to our goal of improving children’s education, one child at a time.

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