Contract Law

When it comes to business and law, we have the knowledge and experience to help navigate any legal agreement and contract.
Contracts are everywhere from employment agreements, purchases, business transactions, non-compete agreements, partnerships, and more. Many make the mistake of signing thinking that a contract is non-negotiable. And unfortunately, with all the legal formalities in a contract, many do not fully understand all the terms that they are agreeing to.

Before signing anything, make sure you understand the fine print. Small changes and suggestions in a contract can make a big difference if a dispute arises.

The cost of a contract review can save you money and aggravation in the long term.

On the flip side, if you do feel like a contract you signed was not honored, our team can help you with your rights under Ohio law.
The business attorneys at Painter & Associates are here to personally assist you with your personal or business’ legal matters. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your contracts.