Equine law

With our firm, you retain an experienced equine legal partner to provide you a variety of services. This includes: Horse purchase and sale agreements, equine insurance claims, lease agreements, care agreements, breeding contracts, equine litigation support and general equine and horse law.

Under Ohio law, it is true that in many circumstances an individual cannot recover for injuries relating to equine‐related activities. However, there are many other legal issues involving horses that also call for an experienced attorney able to skillfully handle business law, insurance law, and complex commercial matters.

As a horse owner himself, Nathan Painter truly understands the complexity of equine law. Nathan also has extensive experience representing clients in front of the Ohio Racing Commission.

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Equine Contracts Available:
• Boarding Contract
• Sale of Horse
• Lease of Horse
• Breeding Agreements

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If you work in the equestrian industry, then make sure to always consult a lawyer on the best way to protect yourself, your business and your clients.