Real Estate, Zoning & Annexation

The laws governing the transfer, leasing, construction, financing, and regulation of real estate in Ohio are a complex web of provisions. Trying to handle a real estate transaction or resolve a dispute on your own can be an extremely stressful experience.

Buying, selling, and leasing real estate requires using an experienced realtor or legal counsel. By using skilled counsel in the drafting of real estate transaction documents, you can reduce the possibility of costly litigation down the road. Our attorneys can provide effective advice from the prepurchase and inspection phase all the way to closing.

By having an attorney review your paperwork and negotiate on your behalf, you can protect your rights and minimize your risk.

We counsel on real estate transactions, including:
• Purchase and sale agreements
• Commercial lease agreements
• Zoning and land use issues
• Partitions and lot line adjustments
• Easements
• Foreclosures
• Environmental due diligence and risk management

Real Estate Litigation
When real estate-related disputes arise, the experienced real estate legal team at Painter & Associates can step in on your behalf.
Our attorneys understand that the cost of litigation can be overwhelming. We focus on providing efficient results through negotiation, mediation, and other nonlitigious methods whenever possible. But if your case has to go before the court, we will be ready.

At Painter & Associates, we have the experience to skillfully guide you through the maze of real estate law to achieve your goals, whether you are negotiating a purchase agreement, seeking a zoning variance, litigating a construction contract dispute, or dealing with any other issue.