Nathan D. Painter of Painter & Associates Triumphs in Personal Injury Case with $200,000+ Settlement

Nathan D. Painter, a seasoned attorney at Painter & Associates, LLC, has made it his mission to advocate for clients in their times of need. In 2023, Nathan achieved remarkable success in handling several personal injury cases, securing settlements exceeding $200,000. Today, we share one such inspiring story of Nathan’s legal expertise, where he helped a client recover substantial compensation following an incident at a local fast-food restaurant.

In the legal arena, personal injury cases often revolve around proving negligence on the part of the defendant, and Nathan’s recent case was no exception. A client had suffered severe injuries after tripping over a sign that was being used inappropriately to prop open a door at a nearby fast-food establishment. The injuries were so extensive that the client had to undergo shoulder surgery, leading to substantial medical bills and pain and suffering.

The restaurant’s initial defense was that the sign was an “open and obvious” obstacle, implying that it should have been easily avoidable by the injured party. However, Nathan was quick to uncover crucial details that would turn the tide in favor of his client.

One of Nathan’s key arguments in the case was the lack of proper lighting in the area where the accident occurred. The incident took place in the pre-dawn hours, and there was no outside lighting to illuminate the path. This fact significantly weakened the restaurant’s claim that the sign was an “open and obvious” hazard, as it was shrouded in darkness to anyone passing by.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Nathan’s legal strategy was his revelation that the sign was being used for a purpose entirely unrelated to its intended design. This improper usage made the restaurant’s argument of “open and obvious” moot, as the sign was essentially being repurposed for an unintended function. This key point underscored the restaurant’s negligence in maintaining a safe environment for its patrons.

With a strong case and a meticulous approach to building a compelling argument, Nathan left the restaurant with no choice but to settle. His commitment to securing justice for his client culminated in a settlement exceeding $200,000, offering much-needed relief to the injured party.


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